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Suns release 35th anniversary logo

Hagerstown Suns 35th anniversary logo

The Hagerstown Suns (Low Class A; Sally League) unveiled a new commemorative logo to celebrate the team’s 35th anniversary.

The logo was designed by Justin McAllister Graphic Design & Illustration of Williamsport, Maryland. It contains a silhouette of Municipal Stadium’s grandstand with an evening sky behind it.

“It made perfect sense to include the stadium in the logo because of the rich history it possesses on its own, and the fact that the Suns have called Municipal Stadium home for all 35 years of the franchise’s history,”  said Suns General Manager Chris Easom. “The multicolored sky is meant to be the beautiful color of the sunset that is often seen beyond the third base stands during Suns evening home games.”

Other features of the special logo include the “Suns” script written below the silhouette of the grandstand in a font that matches the teams’ core branding on the front of the Suns home jersey, and the Suns primary logo nestled underneath the “Suns” script with the years “1981” and “2015” on either side. On the very bottom of the logo there are five stars, which represent the five parent clubs the Suns have been affiliated with during the team’s 35 year existence: Baltimore (’81-’92), Toronto (’93-’00), San Francisco (’01-’04), New York Mets (’05-’06), Washington (’07- present).

In addition, the Suns also announced a season-long celebration for the 35th anniversary that will include at least one promotional activity and/or giveaway during each home stand of the 2015 season that will have a tie-in to the 35th anniversary celebration. The Suns are working with members of the Hagerstown-Washington County Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Hagerstown Suns Fan Club to finalize the full promotional schedule.