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Otters closing out successful season

Evansville OttersNice to see such good news coming from an old, historic ballpark: the Evansville Otters (independent; Frontier League) are wrapping up a very successful season, with attendance up some 700 fans a game.

In fact, the Otters are poised to lead the indy circuit in attendance for the very first time, averaging some 3,309 fans per game with two weeks left to go in the regular season. While Evansville has always been a solid draw in historic Bosse Field, this year has been special: the team is winning and the weather has been great. That’s led to bigger crowds. From the Evansville Courier-Press:

The ballclub this season chose to schedule more home doubleheaders — playing the same number of games on fewer dates — and [team owner Bill] Bussing said the elimination of many Monday and Tuesday games has bumped the per-date average.

Lastly, the weather “has been ideal,” Bussing said. “That’s probably the most important factor of all. I don’t care how good a team we have or how attractive our promotions are, if the weather’s oppressive, people tend not to come.”…

“At this point, we’re holding our own,” Bussing said. “We’re about broken even. That’s tentative, because at the end of the year, the bills start coming in and the revenue stream dries up … but the 700 more people in the stands has translated to increased concession revenue.”

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