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Your new menu item of the day: Frozen beer foam

Foamed Beer

Yes, this is an actual food item for sale at Dodger Stadium: specially prepared frozen beer foam designed to keep your beer cool in hot weather.

The premise is simple: your beer will stay cooler if it’s covered with a thick beer foam. So the Dodgers have installed a beer-foam machine imported from Japan. Developed by Ichiban and similar to a frozen-margarita machine, the frozen-beer dispenser is designed to pour a draught beer that stays colder longer. Really, it’s as simple as that. From Food Beast:

Once I saw the machine, my hopes soared. How could ‘Kirin Ichiban Frozen Draft’ with semi-frozen beer liquid coming out of what looks to be like an adapted margarita machine be anything but the slush concoction of my dreams?  Turns out, in this case we have a contemporary example of function over form. The foam, served at -5 degrees Celsius or 23 degrees Fahrenheit, was created to top a pint glass and form an insulated layer that ‘protects your beer’ in the daytime heat….

We put the frozen foam to the test and it did in fact keep our beers pretty cold for a few innings and the full thirty minutes. We didn’t test the foam under multiple scenarios, but it seemed to work pretty well in the late afternoon/early evening on a sunny, yet humid, 80+ degree day in Los Angeles. Our 16 oz. beers retailed at the inflated you’re-stuck-at-a-sports-game price of $10, but may vary at other locations.

Here’s the Food Beast video of the machine in action:


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