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New Biloxi ballpark could slip to 2015

Caillavet Park

Given that it’s almost August and there’s no ballpark financing in place, much less ground broken on a new facility, it’s increasingly looking like the Southern League won’t be arriving in Biloxi until 2015.

True, there’s been a lot of work on the project behind the scenes: the city has solicited bonds to pay for the new 7,000-capacity ballpark and expects to sell them next month. In addition, the ownership group led by Ken Young and Tim Bennett has been working on a lease for the ballpark. With a state grant already arranged, the pieces are close to being in place to close the deal. However, it’s hard to see a 2014 opening working, and Bennett admits as much:

“We’re close to closing the window on the 2014 season,” said Tim Bennett, head of Overtime Sports, which is attempting to build a stadium in Biloxi that will be home to a new Double-A baseball team. “It’s getting to the point where we may have to look at 2015, or try to start the season in another city and move it to Biloxi at mid-season next year.”

But the project remains alive.

“This delay will not jeopardize the project,” he said. “We’ve still got some lease negotiations to finish. We hope to have all that wrapped up by the middle of August.”

Rendering courtesy of Dale Associates Architects.

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