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No more Alexandria Aces for 2013

United League BaseballPutting a team in partially condemned Bringhurst Field didn’t end up working out for the independent United League, as the Alexandria Aces have reportedly folded.

A report in the Brownsville Herald quotes United League Baseball chief executive officer John Bryant as saying the team’s season is over, and that the league’s schedule will be accommodated to handle five teams. (Probably only four: McAllen is a travel team and can be folded easily.) Drawing only 7,660 fans on 23 dates — for an average of 333 fans a game — it was pretty clear the attempt to play out of a damaged ballpark would not work. As you’ll recall, structure issues forced a Texas Collegiate League team to end its 2012 season early

It’s a little hard to confirm a report like this: the team’s Website ( is down, and there’s no verification in the local media.

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