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Elkhart revives ballpark plans

Northwoods LeaguePut aside because of the bad economy two years ago, a plan for a new ballpark in Elkhart, Ind., for a summer-collegiate Northwoods League team is back on the table.

The plan for a $12-million, 2,000-seat ballpark originally featured $5 million in public funding from Elkhart County, but it was suspended in 2010 because of concerns about the economy. Now that the economy is picking up, it appears the ballpark development plan is back on track, with the Elkhart County Zoning Board of Appeals expected to approve a zoning change at a meeting tomorrow.

From the South Bend Tribune:

On Thursday morning, the Elkhart County Zoning Board of Appeals will hear an amendment to change the special use permit already in place, according to the agency’s agenda.

The new amendment would allow a Northwoods League baseball field onto the property owned by First Baptist Church and John S. Morse Jr.

The proposal also includes developing an office area, gift shop, restrooms, concession stands, suites and a press box.

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