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Cubs asking whether Wrigley Field should be more kid-friendly

Chicago CubsWe’re a little skeptical: the Chicago Cubs are debating whether to change operations at Wrigley Field to make the proceedings more kid-friendly, including the possible introduction of a mascot.

Now, one of the great things about Wrigley Field is that it is an unabashedly adult experience: yeah, a true baseball fan under the age of 18 will certainly enjoy going to the ballpark, and for the right reasons — the historic atmosphere, the lack of modern distractions, etc. Adults, of course, love going to Wrigley Field because it’s a great place to down a few adult beverages and take in that historic atmosphere while entertained by a ballgame.

So that’s why we’re wondering what the Cubs will get out of a study done in conjunction with Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management about what can be done to groom kid to be tomorrow’s Cubs fans. There seems to be a steady stream of Cubs fans in Chicago these days; yes, they might now show up much when the team sucks, but they come out in droves when the team competes. A mascot on the hallowed playing field? Please. We’ve got your mascot right here: a full cup of Old Style.

We’re of a mind to agree with Jeff Samardzija on the appeals of the Friendly Confines, as recorded by the Chicago Tribune: “People aren’t going to go to Wrigley Field and want to see a mascot. There are other things people want to see.

“The tradition is in coming to the game at Wrigley Field with your family, your friends,” he said. “Traditions are great, but it’s being somewhere you really love. They have modernized Notre Dame Stadium, but inside it feels the same.”


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