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Mankato Moondogs sold

Mankato MoonDogsOur old friend Joe Schwei has sold the Mankato MoonDogs (summer collegiate; Northwoods League) to Mark Ogren, the president of Croix Oil Company in Stillwater, Minn.

Schwei launched the Moondogs in the 2002 season, taking over the Mankato Mashers franchise and relaunching the team. Under his ownership the team’s attendance rose dramatically and Franklin Rogers Park went through a series of improvements.

“My primary business is selling gasoline, but I have yet to meet anyone who actually enjoys buying gasoline,” Ogren said via press release. “Alternatively, the MoonDogs are selling fun. Virtually everything related to the team is fun; certainly a lot of work but also very enjoyable.” He envisions running the team as a family business, with son Mark involved as well.

“Establishing the MoonDogs and weaving the team into the fabric of summers in the Mankato area will always be one of the joys of my professional life,” Schwei said. “Now, it is the time to bring in new ideas and new energy. The future for the MoonDogs is very bright because it will now be in Mark’s capable hands.”

GM Kyle Mrozek and the rest of the front office will remain in place.


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