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New for 2013: Watertown Rams

Perfect Game Collegiate Baseball League The Watertown (N.Y.) entry in the summer-collegiate Perfect Game Collegiate Baseball League will be known as the Rams, with the owner close to a new lease for Alex T. Duffy Fairgrounds.

The status of the team has been a matter of speculation in recent days: there reportedly was an effort by another summer-collegiate team to secure the Fairgrounds lease, as well as contact from a Green Bay-lased independent-league operator seeking lease terms. However, PGCBL president Jeff Kunion says there’s no league franchise seeking a move to Watertown, and the initial contact from the Green Bay operator didn’t go anywhere.

Which cleared the way for Todd Kirkey and his co-owner to negotiate a new lease with the Watertown Parks and Recreation Department, mirroring the lease that ended in 2012. There were some issues with Kirkey paying the city at the end of the season, but apparently those problems have been put to rest.

“We’ve been in negotiations with the city to update our lease from the previous year,” Kirkey told the Watertown Daily Times. “We’ve had discussions and we’ve talked things out and we’re talking about some minor changes. We don’t have a deal in place, but we’re working towards one.”

As part of the team’s return, the franchise’s name will change from Wizards to Rams, reflecting a sponsorship deal with the FX Caprara car dealership. The Rams will wear a Dodge Ram logo on their new black-and-silver uniforms.

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