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Dehler misses naming-rights payment for Mustangs home

Billings MustangsThis seems be a case of the meh: Jon Dehler missed a July 1 naming-rights payment for Dehler Park, home of the Billings Mustangs (rookie; Pioneer League), but city officials aren’t concerned.

Dehler missed a $50,000 payment, but says he’ll make it next week to keep current. Normally this would raise some level of concern in City Hall, but given Dehler’s payment history — he’s already paid $450,000 in a timely fashion — and the fact Billings has been able to refinance donor-backed ballpark bonds to an amazing .95 percent interest rate, no one seems to be worried. (In fact, Dehler paid half of this year’s $100,000 payment early.) 

The ballpark cost $12.5 million; donors pledged $2.2 million and taxpayers picked up the rest.


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