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Montreal honors Carter with street, ballpark namings

Montreal Expos logoWith the Washington Nationals in the playoffs, the Montreal Expos have been in the news as well — and the city added to that by announcing honors for one of the team’s biggest stars, Gary Carter.

A street next to Jarry Park, where Carter began his Expos career, will be named in honor of the late Hall of Famer. Jarry Park, the first home of the Expos, still stands (kinda): the grandstand and some seating were incorporated into the national tennis center. A stretch of Faillon Street will be named for Carter.

In addition, a city park will be named for Carter.

Carter was the first superstar for the Expos, who played in Montreal between 1969 and 2004, before the team was moved to Washington. There’s still an impassioned fan base in Montreal for the team, and the city is looking at other public honors for the team, including a plaque at Olympic Stadium, the team’s final home.


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