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Should Montreal pursue MLB?

Baseball romantics and market researchers say conditions are right for Major League Baseball to return to Montreal — but others argue it’s a waste of time to bring back Expos 2.0. Hardcore baseball fans have fond memories of the Montreal Expos because the team, its players and its ballparks never fit within the stifling conformity […]

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Gary Carter Stadium officially opens

Montreal is formally honoring former Expos great Gary Carter with a ballpark dedication and a street renaming near Jarry Park. Carter is arguably the greatest former Expo — apologies to Andre Dawson and Vladimir Guerrero — especially when you considered how hard Carter worked on the fine art of community service. He was an Expo […]

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Cromartie: We’re launching feasibility study on return of MLB to Montreal

Former Expo Warren Cromartie has assembled a professional team to determine the feasibility of a return of Major League Baseball to Montreal. The feasibility and survey study will be undertaken by Cromartie’s group, Montreal Baseball Project, as well as Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal (BTMM), Ernst & Young and BCF LLP. “I am pleased to […]

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No, Canada

Prospects for Minor League Baseball returning to Ottawa and Montreal have dimmed in recent weeks, as a lack of funding for new and improved facilities is proving to be an impediment to any franchise shifts. With the rebound of the Canadian dollar, MiLB teams moving into Canada has been seen by many owners as a […]

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