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Lease issues delay Malden ballpark planning

Proposed Malden ballpark

The earliest we could see a new $50-million ballpark in downtown Malden for an independent Atlantic League team is 2015, as the project is bogged down in lease negotiations.

Alexander Bok, the attoney putting together the deal, says it’s been more complicated to put together a lease than anticipated for the 6.4-acre National Grid site. Not a surprise — lease negotiations often taken longer than anticipated, and there are a lot of moving parts involved in this project — but the delay does mean a major delay before actual ballpark planning can start. Still, this deal is more complicated than most, with National Grid leasing the land to a Malden redevelopment agency, which in turn would sublease the land to Bok’s company. Add to that the cost and logistics of brownfield remediation — contaminants have been found at the site. Both sides say they expect a deal this fall, however.

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