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Aces, Washoe County continue debate over property taxes

Reno AcesOwners of the Reno Aces (Class AAA; Pacific Coast League) and Washoe County continue to debate over property taxes owed on Aces Ballpark.

Technically, the Aces owe the county $1.6 million in back property taxes, including $1.2 million in penalties. The Aces, meanwhile, say the county has overvalued the ballpark, so property taxes should be lower. It’s been a battle between the two since the ballpark opened in 2009.

Nothing is imminent: Nevada Land LLC, which built the ballpark, says it has not exhausted its legal options; until then, the property taxes will be unpaid. While this sort of disagreement isn’t uncommon in the real-estate world, it does illustrate why so many ballparks are built with public money: operators can avoid nasty things like dealing with property taxes.


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