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Alabama: Improved baseball facilities down the road

Alabama Crimson TideUniversity of Alabama athletic officials say improved baseball facilities are in the future, but it’s not clear whether a new or a renovated ballpark is in the cards.

There’s a major arms race going on in college baseball, particularly in the big conferences. That race is keenly felt in the hyper-competitive SEC, where some of the best college ballparks are in use.

And we all know the competitive nature of the University of Alabama athletic department, so the desire for upgraded baseball facilities to keep pace with the Arkansas and South Carolina and Florida teams is probably pretty keen.

Athletics director Mal Moore says his department is evaluating the baseball facilities, including Sewell-Thomas Stadium, but isn’t saying much past that:

“That decision will be made soon or down the way here,” Moore said. “We’re still trying to make a decision about several things about the stadium: its location or what to do. Sometimes it takes a little time to do this.”


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