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New owners, old problems: another beating at Dodger Stadium

Los Angeles DodgersThough there are new owners of the Los Angeles Dodgers, old problems persist at Dodger Stadium, as police deal with a fan being assaulted as he left the parking lot.

The case is different than the beating of Bryan Stow last season, when Dodgers and Giants fan clashed after the season opener. Yesterday it was a case of road rage gone extreme, as a simple fender-bender ended up turning into something more violent. From NBC4:

The driver, a man in his 20s, was in stable condition with scrapes and cuts to his face and his injuries are not life-threatening, Sgt. David Armas said. His name was not released.

The man was involved in a minor collision with another driver as he was leaving the stadium parking lot, and three men from another car also got involved, Armas said.

“They basically held the victim down while the original suspect kicked and hit him about the head and face area while he was on the ground,” Armas said.

The difference: enough police were on the scene to allow a quick reponse to the incident, and four men were arrested on the scene.

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