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Pacifics ballpark back in court

San Rafael PacificsA neighborhood group is appealing a court decision allowing the San Rafael Pacifics (independent; North American League) to play in Albert Park, arguing it violates grant-deed restrictions.

The Pacifics earlier won a court case allowing Centerfield Partners to sign a one-year deal to play at the city-owned park. A neighborhood group, Albert Park Neighborhood Alliance, appealed that decision, saying that the law was inaccurately applied. The group is also asking that the Pacifics immediately stop work on Albert Park improvements until the appeal is decided.

“The trial court erred when it ruled that the one-year Centerfield Use Agreement, executed by the City of San Rafael on Oct. 12, 2011, did not represent a direct violation of the Albert Park grant deed restrictions barring commercial use of the property for periods exceeding one week in duration,” the neighborhood group said in a statement. “The deed restrictions are the focal point of the lawsuit.”

The Pacifics are probably the most advanced team in the NAL’s Northern Division in terms of sales; the team signed a corporate sponsorship deal with Bank of Marin that includes on-field signage and ongoing advertising in the team program, opportunities for employee and customer entertainment at the ballpark, and interaction with the team at local Bank of Marin branches, including hosting the Pacifics “Caravan” at several of the Bank’s branches in May. A court pulling the plug on the team’s season would probably kill the already wobbly four-team Northern Division.

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