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Yet another proposal for Tiger Stadium site: youth baseball

Tiger Stadium

While Detroit searches for that elusive big-box retailer to pitch the city on a new development, yet another proposal for the Tiger Stadium site emerges: a youth baseball facility.

After the Detroit Tigers moved from venerable Tiger Stadium to Comerica Park, the ballpark at the corner of Michigan and Trumbull sat empty for almost a decade before the city went ahead with demolition. While there were plans floating around to redevelop the property while keeping the original Navin Field grandstand intact, the city and the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation rejected all proposals, including an offer by Chevrolet to maintain the playing field and one led by the late — and legendary — Ernie Harwell via the Old Tiger Stadium Conservancy.

The Conservancy is back with another proposal, this one in partnership with state representatives from the Detroit area. They petitioned Mayor Dave Bing (yes, that Dave Bing, basketball fans) with a plan to turn the site into a youth baseball facility along with the small museum to honor Tiger Stadium history. They already have $3.8 million lined up to fund the activities and are willing to lease the land with the understanding it could be developed in the future. No word yet from the mayor’s office on any potential response.

Today, all that remains at The Corner is an empty field. The city isn’t performing any maintenance on the site: volunteers with the Navin Field Grounds Crew mow the grass and keep it in playable condition.

Tiger Stadium photo by John Moist.

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