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American Association down two for 2012 and beyond

American AssociationThe growth of the independent American Association is slowing, as two teams expected to join the league in 2012 and 2013 — teams in Schaumburg and Montgomery County — will likely be playing elsewhere.

The American Association had been a player in Schaumburg’s decision to grant Alan Oremus the lease to Alexian Field last offseason after the collapse of the Schaumburg Flyers (independent; Northern League). But there was never a legal agreement tying Oremus to the American Association, and after successfully fielding a Frontier League team in Joliet — where the Slammers are doing quite well — the decision was made to go to the Frontier League, we’re told, though nothing official has been announced. Makes sense for one ownership group and basically one front office to manage affairs in only one league.

In Montgomery County, officials from The Woodlands have invited Atlantic League President Frank Boulton to pitch them on a new ballpark there. As you’ll recall, Montgomery County officials signed an MOU with Ventura Sports Group, but the development of the ballpark and a retail complex has not occured. Officials with The Woodlands are taking matters into their own hands and initiating talks with the Atlantic League. There’s incentive on both sides to make a deal: The Woodlands has been hot for baseball for years, and the Atlantic League would love to have at least one more Texas team to pair up with the Sugar Land Skeeters, who will begin play in 2012.

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