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Athletics, city close to Phoenix Muni lease extension

Oakland A'sThe Oakland Athletics will train at Phoenix Municipal Stadium and Papago Park Baseball Facility through 2025 under a proposed lease expected to be approved today by the Phoenix City Council.

The lease adds 10 years to the current lease, slated to end in 2015. The Athletics train at the Muni and Papago Park and run extended spring and Arizona League games at Papago Park. The terms of the lease are simple: the A’s pay $425,000 annually for both facilities and cover the utilities at Papago Park, while also putting in $50,000 annually into a capital-improvement account.

Phoenix Muni

At one point A’s Lew Wolff was talking about wanting to see upgrades at Phoenix Municipal Stadium, but in the end the A’s front office decided to focus their efforts on improvements to the Papago Park facility, including expanded parking.


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