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Dodgers scrap half-price drink promotion

Dodger Stadium

In the wake of a nasty beating of a San Francisco Giants fan in the Dodger Stadium parking lot on March 31, the Los Angeles Dodgers are scrapping a half-price drink promotion slated for midweek day games and preparing for increased security at tonight’s game.

The six-game promotion that runs throughout the season will continue to include half-price food and soft drinks. At each of these games, Dodger players will wear 1940s retro uniforms, voted on by the fans during the offseason.

Scrapping the cheap-drink promotion isn’t unexpected — we anticipated they’d drop the program in a story published Sunday — and it certainly sends the right signal that the Dodgers are taking fan security very seriously. The team may have been a little slow to respond initially after Bryan Stow was beaten severely and hospitalized after leaving the ballpark on Opening Day, but since then the Dodgers and owner Frank McCourt have instituted a series of actions designed to cut down on potential problems.

The situation will be pretty clear tonight, when the Dodgers host the Cardinals: a no-tolerance policy that will let officers deal quickly with potential troublemakers. Los Angeles Police Department officials say officers will have a big presence at tonight’s game.

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