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Mills Cup stolen!

Potomac NationalsBest of the day — and we know what day it is. The Potomac Nationals (High Class A; Carolina League) are investigating a heist of the Mills Cup trophy, emblemic of a league championship, from Pfitzner Stadium sometime during the early hours Friday morning, according to a police report filed in Prince William County.

An investigation is underway, suspects have been identified and authorities are combing the area to recover the Carolina League’s most coveted prize.

From the team:

“We are horrified that someone was capable of this disgraceful act,” said Potomac Nationals general manager Josh Olerud. “The Mills Cup is a symbol of everything positive about sports and fair competition; for someone to have the audacity to steal the trophy our players worked so hard for is beyond comprehension. We intend to support the authorities in any way we can and will do everything in our power to get the trophy back.”

A full season ticket package is being offered as reward for anyone with information regarding the trophy’s whereabouts.  

Prince William County officials say that a witness in the County Complex Center noticed a suspicious vehicle idling outside the Nationals’ ticket office around 4 A.M. During a routine security check, an orange and black automobile was spotted; the witness reports seeing directions from I-270 on the vehicle’s GPS.

About an hour later, police got reports of a strangely dressed man requesting to fill a large silver cup with a slushee at a Woodbridge convenience store. The store employee told police that the man was wearing colonial style clothing, humming the Star Spangled Banner, and muttering something about a Jamar Walton grand slam.

“We are all in shock about the loss of the trophy,” said Olerud. “We encourage everyone to assist us in finding the Mills Cup, the symbol of our second title in three years.  And we would like to wish everyone a fantastic April Fools’ Day.”

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