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Kannapolis to buy Fieldcrest Cannon Stadium from Rowan County

Kannapolis IntimidatorsOwnership of Fieldcrest Cannon Stadium, home of the Kannapolis Intimidators (Low Class A; Sally League), will be clearer after the city of Kannapolis takes over ownership of the ballpark from Rowan County, ending an uneasy partnership.

The two government entities have owned Fieldcrest Cannon Stadium since it opened in 1995 but sparred over the actual ownership split and who was responsible for maintenance and improvements. The spat has continued for years, but last month Rowan County Commissioners offered to either buy out Kannapolis or sell its share to the city for $3 milliom.

Kannapolis opted to buy the ballpark on pretty decent terms: payments would be spread out for 50 years, interest-free. As part of the deal, Kannapolis will begin payments in two years.

It’s a good deal for all involved. Rowan County will be free of any ballpark maintenance costs. Kannapolis is receiving a 52-year loan interest free to buy the ballpark. And Smith Family Baseball, owners of the Intimidators, now should have an easier time with leases because there’s only one owner to deal with.

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