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MuckDogs set for 2011 in Batavia — but after that, who knows?

Batavia MuckdogsThe ownership of the Batavia Muckdogs (short season A; NY-Penn League) and the Batavia City Council agreed to a one-year lease for Dwyer Stadium, but the team’s long-term future there is certainly up for debate.

The terms of the lease were unchanged from previous years. It’s expected that the Rochester Red Wings (Class AAA; International League) will once again operate the franchise on behalf of the nonprofit ownership, Genesee County Baseball Club.

That 2011 is a season of treading water for the MuckDogs is not up for debate: the team’s future clearly is not in Batavia, and we know of potential owners on the horizon. No one will be willing to allow a money-losing proposition like this to continue, and even though the city spent some money on ballpark improvements (new sod and level field, clubhouse changes) to keep the MuckDogs for 2011, the long-term future there is very much in doubt. The team is on the block, and the only question is how long the string will be played out.

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