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Akron Aeros to offer extreme eats in 2011

Akron AerosWell, here’s a pretty good reason to visit Canal Park in 2011. The Akron Aeros (Class AA; Eastern League) are going the extreme-food route and offering a Three Dog Night: a hot dog stuffed in a bratwurst wrapped in kielbasa, topped with sauerkraut and Stadium Mustard, and served on a hoagie roll.

No word if there’s a package of Tums on the side. It will go for the fairly reasonable price of $7.

New Director of Food & Beverage Jason Kerton says he wants to update the concessions at Canal Park and will be offering one new extreme food item a month. His inspiration for the Three Dog Night: the venerable turducken.

“I tried it with a one pound hot dog as the main part, but that was just too salty,” Kerton said. “The kielbasa has a smoky flavor and a really snappy casing, so from there I just needed something that was a little softer….I wanted to use a brat because of the German influence in the Cleveland area, and the hot dog is a ballpark staple.”

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