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New Na Koa Ikaika Maui owners addressing debt of previous regime

Na Koa Ikaika MauiIt’s no secret the original owners of Na Koa Ikaika Maui (independent; Golden Baseball League) ran into some financial issues last season, but the new owners say they’ll address outstanding debts in preparation for the 2011 season.

Last season was rough: Though the expansion team was successful on the field, it struggled on the business side, twice missing player payroll and selling this offseason to the owners of the league’s Orange County Flyers.

Those new owners — owner Harris Tulchin, managing member Leroy Pettigrew and investor Bob Youngsay they’ll make good on money owed for the rent at Maehara Stadium (some $5,671) and address vendors owed money as well.

The team is slated to be part of the new North American League in 2011.

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