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NUMMI plant pops up again as A’s ballpark site

A federal grant will help Fremont plot the future of the closed car-manufacturing plant, now pitched as the potential site of a new Oakland A's ballpark.

A federal grant will help Fremont plot the future of the closed car-manufacturing plant, now pitched as the potential site of a new Oakland A's ballpark.

The grant, $333,000 from the U.S. Department of Commerce is designed to help Fremont officials plot the next life for the 370-acre site, sitting idle since April 1 when the joint manufacturing venture between General Motors and Toyota closed.

The site grades high in terms of suitability for a ballpark site: there's plentiful freeway access, there's lots of land for parking and other development, and there's a BART station opening in 2014. The proposal calls for 120 acres to be devoted to the ballpark site. (Compare that to the eight-plus acres used for Target Field.) Of course, the aesthetics of the site are woefully lacking: the NUMMI site is in the midst of an industrial area. 

The biggest advantage for the site for Lew Wolff: it's in Fremont, but it's still close to the San Jose population/advertising base he covets. The biggest advantage for Fremont officials: there's no residential area nearby to oppose the proposal.

Still, there are some obstacles looming. Wolff has already made such a commitment to a new San Jose ballpark that it may be hard for him to pull back and go back to Fremont. A task force appointed by MLB Commissioner Bud Selig regarding the future of the A's will consider the Fremont site in addition to a San Jose site and four Oakland sites (three downtown in addition to the present Coliseum site). And Fremont officials are talking like they want to be paid for the land; San Jose is offering free land for a privately financed facility.

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