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Woodchucks unveil new logo

The Wisconsin Woodchucks unveiled a new logo, full of woody goodness.

The Wisconsin Woodchucks (summer collegiate; Northwoods League) unveiled a new logo and announced plans for new uniforms this coming season.

The new primary logo still features the Woody Woodchuck. The new, revised Woody, sporting a forest green cap and jersey, displays a more revealing face than what he has had over the past decade. While the "old" Woody was in a pitching motion, the new version features Woody preparing to swing a wood bat. The circle around the swinging Woody resembles the end of a log with small notches chipped into the sides. A revised "Wisconsin Woodchucks" font is around the border of this highly unique, log-like look.

"We think the Woodchucks fans will be excited to see the fresh take on the new Woodchucks look, additional logos and uniforms" said Woodchucks General Manager Ryan Treu. "We had started this process about two years ago and it has been exciting to see the transformation of the revamped logo."

In conjunction with the new logo launch this season, the Woodchucks will be donning new uniforms at Athletic Park this summer. The new home uniforms include "CHUCKS" lettering across the chest, and the jersey and pants are white with black pinstripes, similar to that of the New York Yankees. The black home caps will feature the Woodchucks secondary trademark, a bold tan "W" outlined with black and vegas gold.

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