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KIT League team to sport Browns name, uniforms

Ted Kapnick says his Farmington (Mo.) team in the KIT League will be based on the St. Louis Browns.

The St. Louis Browns will see a revival of sorts this summer when Ted Kapnick brings summer-collegiate ball back to Farmington's Wilson Rozier Park.

The KIT League team will be based on the Browns: the team will wear replica Browns jerseys both home and on the road, and Kapnick tells a local newspaper he hopes to play a single game in St. Louis at some point.

Kapnick first surfaced in 2009 with plans to bring summer-collegiate ball to Gray Harbor, Wash.  

We trust Kapnick has cleared this with the Baltimore Orioles, who hold an active trademark filing on the Browns marks. It doesn't appear there are any issues, though, and it's pretty cool that he's chosen to remember such a forgotten team in this manner.

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