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Talk about Biloxi ballpark emerges again

We hear from so many people this is the worst possible time to start planning a new ballpark, but chatter rises again about Tim Bennett’s attempts to being baseball to Biloxi.
We’re not sure if there’s anything solid going on, but there’s been chatter lately about Tim Bennett’s attempts to bring a new ballpark to Biloxi, a market eyed by him and others in baseball in recent years.

In this article we’re told how successful the Mississippi Braves (Class AA; Southern League) have been in Pearl, Miss., something we’re not totally sure is true; the new ballpark has been a success, but in retrospect the Braves left a pretty good market in Greenville, S.C., that showed how well it could support baseball in one of the best facilities in minor-league ball.

Still, Bennett has shown he can put together ballpark deals. And he certainly will have the support of Mississippi government, which is pro-development. But the economics of putting together a ballpark deal at this time may be a little too steep for anyone.

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