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Joe Faber Field / St. Cloud River Bats

Year Opened: 1998; renovated in 2007
Capacity: 3,000
Renovation Price: $1 million
Dimensions: 315L, 401LC, 380C, 375RC, 325R
Playing Surface: Grass
Phone: 320/240-9798
League: Northwoods League
Parking: Free. The parking lot appears huge until a large crowd descends; if you think a lot of people will be at the ballpark come early and avoid a hassle.
Address/Directions: 5001 8th Street N., St. Cloud. Highway 15 runs north/south through western St. Cloud. No matter where you’re coming from, you’ll want to make your way to Highway 15 (there’s even a Highway 15 exit off of I-94). When you reach 8th Street, head west; the Municipal Athletic Complex (which features the former home of the Bats, Dick Putz Field, as well as a hockey arena) is on your right.