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RFP for LeLacheur Park released; don’t expect a bidding war

The city wants to see more revenue from the ballpark, but with the Lowell Spinners controlling the territory, there’s little chance of a bidding war.
The folks at PA Sports & Entertainment, consultants working with the city of Lowell on a new lease for LeLacheur Park, sent along a RFP (attached at the end of the story) outlining what the city wants to see in a tenant.

Basically, the city wants to see more revenue from the ballpark: the Lowell Spinners (short season; NY-Penn League) pay $40,000 annually, and the city has openly questioned if that’s enough money from a successful team. It’s probably not, but instead of negotiating a new lease, the city issued an RFP in what we assume is an attempt to start some sort of bidding war for the facility.

We’re guessing it won’t happen.

The reason why lies in the addendum to the RFP, as shown here: