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New for 2011: Joliet Slammers

We have a name for the new Silver Cross Field team in the independent Frontier League: the Joliet Slammers, as team ownership goes with a penal theme for its inaugural season. “We deliberated over this for many days and many nights,” said team president Bill Waliewski. “And when all the evidence was considered, we came […]

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New Joliet team launches name-the-team contest

The new Joliet team in the independent Frontier League is launching a name-the-team contest and is starting with a solid list of names already suggested by others, including our favorite: the Jailbirds. Names already on the docket also include Pioneers, ’66ers, Gems, Jackrabbits, Old-Timers, Gravel, Stonecutters, Luckys, Steelheads and Jailers. “We have had many brainstorming […]

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