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Jesse Goldberg-Strassler makes his MLB debut

Last night saw a pretty special event in Boston, as The Baseball Thesaurus author and BPD Contributing Editor Jesse Goldberg-Strassler debuted as a MLB broadcaster — and at Fenway Park, to boot.

If you’re a regular Ballpark Digest reader, you’re well-acquainted with Jesse’s work both in print and as the Voice of the Lansing Lugnuts. His annual game recreation broadcast is one of the most notable events on the MiLB calendar, as he brings back a tradition in pro baseball, dating back from times when broadcasters did not travel with teams and instead used a telegraph feed to describe the game action from the studio as if he was at the game. (If you saw Bull Durham, you saw an example of it.) He was our 2019 Broadcaster of the Year, his Baseball Thesaurus is in its third printing, his Football Thesaurus is in its second, and we created the Ultimate Sports Lingo Library bundle for sports fans everywhere.

So hearing him join the Oakland A’s broadcast team last night, as the A’s took on the Red Sox, was pretty special:

You can catch Jesse behind the mic tonight and tomorrow here.