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New Billings Mustangs logos on tap

The Billings Mustangs (Pioneer League) released a series of new logos designed to link the team more closely to its home in the city of Billings and the state of Montana.

Billings Mustangs 2022Two of the new logos depict the head of a Mustang; one, a three-quarters profile shot, shows the famed Billings Rimrocks in the neck of the horse. The other, a head-on shot, shows the Mustang’s head inside an outline of the state of Montana.

An alternate version of this logo has the USA’s red, white and blue stars and stripes inside the state of Montana surrounding the horse’s head. A third new logo updates the traditional double-horseshoe “M.” There is also a logo referencing Billings by its nickname, the Magic City. The team continues its use of red and black as its primary colors.

“The new logos tell more of the story of Billings Mustangs, while building upon the marks that make the Mustangs brand so popular,” said Mustangs owner Dave Heller. “We are so proud to represent the city of Billings and the state of Montana and want everyone to see our logos and know instantly who we are and where we’re from. These colorful new logos do exactly that.”

The logos were designed by Nick Matarese of the Barn Creative, a leading national sports logo designer.

“Any time you get the chance to work with a team or organization with a storied history such as the Mustangs, it is always a balancing act of creating something new while also paying respect to the team and the history of its marks,” said Matarese. “We wanted to bring some history back to the logos in simple ways, and at the same time push the look forward, updating the tone of voice for a new era.”

Billings MustangsMatarese emphasized the team’s desire to root the team in Billings. “What really nagged us through all of the previous Mustangs logos were that none of them referenced Billings,” Matarese noted. “With a modern, aggressive new tone, we knew we could push the design of the new Mustangs mark into something Billings had never seen before. This new logo has the most iconic part of Billings, the Rimrocks, rooted directly in it–much like the identity of the city itself.”

Merchandise items with the new logos are now available in the Mustangs team store–open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every weekday at Dehler Park–as well as the online team store at As the team navigates the supply chain challenges facing businesses from coast to coast, new merchandise continues to arrive each week.

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