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Frontier League rebranding unveiled

A Frontier League rebranding is now public, as the MLB Partner League unveils new logos, new website and new stats provider.

According to a league press release, the new Frontier League logo, created by Brian Gundell Design, features patriotic symbolism representing both the Canadian (red) and United States (blue) markets. The compass logo displays the navigation of new, unchartered territories, while the upward direction is indicative of the League’s forward-looking approach. 

As part of the brand refresh, the Frontier League is debuting a new website, through PrestoSports and will shift their statistical platform to PrestoStats. 

“As we enter our 29th season with new enhancements such as our streaming package with FloBaseball.TV and our player analytics program through Yakkertech and BaseballCloud, we wanted to update our overall brand,” said deputy commissioner Steve Tahsler, who has been with the Frontier League since 1997, via press release. “The new PrestoSports website and PrestoStats platform will allow a crisp and clean presentation of league news, schedules, and statistics for our fans.”