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First came the robo-umps, here comes the robo-mower

The next evolution in ballpark management? Forget robo-umps: we’re seeing the Louisville Bats (Class AAA; International League) implement a robo-mower at Louisville Slugger Field for the 2022 season.

OK, so maybe we won’t see the human groundskeepers replaced by robo-mowers any time soon. But it’s been a rough decade or so for groundkeepers, the unsung heroes of ballpark management, with more teams implementing improved synthetic turf in order to run events other than baseball on their fields.

The Louisville Bats are partnering with Husqvarna to the CEORA robotic mower to Louisville Slugger Field for the 2022 season. The robotic mower will be controlled by groundskeepers to define the work areas, set schedules, and choose different cutting heights from their handheld device. The frequent, systematic high-precision mowing ensures the field is game-ready at all times. The system uses satellite-based EPOS (Exact Positioning Operating System) technology to define work areas and eliminates the need for physical boundary wires. Plus, it will mow in the rain.

“The Louisville Bats are proud to partner with Husqvarna to bring this new technology to the world of Minor League Baseball,” said Brett Myers, VP of Operations for the Louisville Bats. “We are excited to be at the forefront of turf management innovation and implement the very best solutions at our facility.”

Photo courtesy Louisville Bats.