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New for 2022: Green Bay Rockers

The Green Bay Booyah are no more, as the Northwoods League summer-collegiate team is rebranding to the Green Bay Rockers for the 2022 season.

The rebranding comes after new owner Mark Skogen acquired Capital Credit Union Park and the Booyah last January, Boomerang Management is set to rename the team to the Green Bay Rockers. The group, which also owns and operates the new entertainment venue EPIC Event Center, has plans to host a variety of concerts in addition to Northwoods League baseball and a multitude of other sporting and community events at the stadium each year. Hence the Rockers name; goodbye to a team named after a Finnish oxtail stew.

“There is so much synergy between the two venues, EPIC Event Center and Capital Credit Union Park, that it makes a lot of sense,” Skogen said in a press release. “We are providing live entertainment down the street and hoping to bring the same level of excitement to the stadium for our community to enjoy.”

“The new name allows us to exude a new energy and attitude to entertain the crowd at each and every game,” said General Manager John Fanta via press release. “An example was the energy that the NEW Piano Guys brought this past summer – our fans loved it. We plan to have live music at every game and hit different genres to completely enhance the experience at Capital Credit Union Park.”

The designer: Minnesota-based designer Tony Horning. And yes, merch will available before Christmas.

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