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Name-the-team efforts underway in Staten Island, Charleston

Atlantic League 2018We have two new name-the-team efforts underway, as the new Atlantic League Staten Island team released a list of finalists, and the West Virginia Power (Atlantic League) announced a rebranding for 2022.

The list of finalists was a little bit of a disappointing denouement, to be sure: we were expecting to see a lot more interest in the contest past the 2,000 announced submissions, and we expected to see 20,000 or so submissions for the Staten Island Pizza Rats, an alt branding exercise from the old Staten Island Yankees and Brandiose. Here is the list of finalists:

  • Harbor Heroes
  • Dragon Slayers
  • Ferry Hawks
  • Responders
  • Front Liners
  • Watch Dogs
  • Greenbelts

There are a few references to first responders here, which makes for a pretty strong marketing angle. Dragon Slayers is a local reference to St. George, and Ferry Hawks is a reference to the Staten Island Ferry. You can weigh in on the finalists here.

In Charleston, the West Virginia Power name is going away, as the team looks for a new image. The old Charleston Charlies name will be used twice a week (alas, sans cigar-chomping baseball), with the new name used the rest of the time. Chuck Domino made the announcement at a press conference this morning. Guesses can be made here; the deadline is Sept. 28.

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