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Pirates invite Blue Jays to play “home” season at PNC Park

Toronto Blue JaysIt’s increasingly looking like the Toronto Blue Jays will end up playing 2020 home games at PNC Park, as the Pittsburgh Pirates acknowledge talks have opened between the two MLB teams.

Pirates GM Ross Atkins says there are five serious alternatives for the team’s home after the use of Rogers Centre was rejected by the federal government, but after players loudly advocated for play at an MLB facility, the focus turned on PNC Park rather than Buffalo or Dunedin, though a few other options, such as Tropicana Field or a shared Washington/Baltimore situation, have not been ruled out. But, given the fact that the MLB season starts in two days (and the first “home” Blue Jays game scheduled for July 29), look for a decision shortly.

Here’s the statement from Pirates President Travis Williams:

“In an effort to help in the return of the game we all love, we continue to have active discussions with Major League Baseball and the Toronto Blue Jays organization regarding the possibility of hosting home games for the Blue Jays at PNC Park this season. This will be a monumental challenge for our staff, but leaning in to help others is what Pittsburghers do best.

“If we are able to safely accommodate, not only will it bring additional international attention to our city, it will also bring with it jobs and revenue for local hotels, restaurants and other businesses that will support the Blue Jays organization as well as additional visiting teams.”

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