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MLB to Pay MiLB Players Spring Training Per Diems

Major League BaseballThis is a small measure, but a start: MLB teams will pay players signed to a Minor League Uniform Player Contract a lump sum equal to the spring-training per diems that would have been paid through April 8, with potentially more on the way.

The move comes as the sport struggles with financial challenges in response to the novel coronavirus pandemic, as a long laundry list of issues need addressing: MLB and MiLB salaries, service time, the draft status, and more. It had already been announced that MLB would address MiLB payments once spring training was scrapped. Next up on the checklist: MiLB player compensation for any parts of the regular season that end up being canceled.

The exceptions to this plan are non-40-man-roster players who are already receiving Major League allowances; players who are currently receiving housing, food or other services from teams; and players who were not participating in, or expected to participate in, MiLB spring training.

Right now it looks like the earliest the MLB season could start is Memorial Day, but that’s still an optimistic scenario.

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