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No Structural Damage to First Horizon Park After Tornadoes

Following a series of deadly tornadoes that struck the region, the Nashville Sounds (Class AAA; Pacific Coast League) said Tuesday that no structural damage had been found at First Horizon Park

A series of tornadoes struck Nashville and Central Tennessee early Tuesday morning and has resulted in at least 24 deaths, making it the second-deadliest tornado event in the state’s history. The areas affected included Nashville’s Germantown neighborhood, where First Horizon Park is located. While the neighborhood suffered considerable damage from the storm, the ballpark sustained minor damage and no employees were inside the facility when the storm took place, according to an announcement issued by the Sounds:

Nashville Sounds Baseball Club officials are currently surveying minor damage sustained at First Horizon Park due to the tornado that hit Nashville and the Germantown area early this morning. There is no structural damage to the building.

Most importantly, no staff members were inside First Horizon Park at the time the storm hit.

The ballpark and Nashville Sounds offices are closed due to power outages and will reopen when it’s deemed a safe area.

We will update and provide more information as it becomes available regarding the ballpark and resumption of business operations.

Since making that announcement, the team has been actively involved in efforts to help those affected by the storm. Beginning this morning, the Sounds set up at First Horizon park with food and water, while offering assistance to those affected by the storm. Those efforts have continued well into the afternoon, with the Sounds issuing updates via social media and calling on volunteers to join them to help those in the area.

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