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Head Into the All-Star Break With an Essential Baseball Book

August PublicationsWith the All-Star Game approaching, it’s time to brush up on your baseball knowledge–and what better way to do so than with The Baseball Thesaurus, which features an entry on the All-Star Game? The Baseball Thesaurus is one of the titles on sale during our All-Star Baseball Sale, with 50 percent off every baseball title. 

That includes:

The Baseball Thesaurus, third edition Baseball is a sport with its own lingo and jargon, a colorful patois developed over decades and millions of games. In the third edition of The Baseball Thesaurus, enhanced with even more rare photos and little-known anecdotes, Jesse Goldberg-Strassler–storyteller, commentator, voice–delves into the language of the National Pastime. From Vin Scully’s philosophy on no-hitters to Red Barber’s classic turns of phrase and a definitive listing of broadcasters’ trademark home-run calls. Goldberg-Strassler explains baseball’s colorful terms. Why is a bunt called a bunt and why do pitchers warm up in the bullpen?

Cradle of the Game The glory of North Carolina baseball past and present is richly detailed in the second edition of Cradle of the Game: Baseball and Ballparks in North Carolina. The comprehensive volume explores minor-league and leading college ballparks large and small. It will entertain readers interested in Tar Heel state baseball history, and serve as a guide to visitors of today’s ballparks. The Tar Heel State has a special place in the baseball world; it’s a place where affiliated teams play at almost every level–from rookie ball to Triple-A–and college players compete in the NCAA and the Coastal Plain League. In Cradle of the Game, their stories are richly told, with a chapter devoted to each of the teams competing the state.

Never a Bad Game: Fifty Years of the Southern League Fans of the Southern League have seen it all since the circuit was founded 50 years ago: colorful characters, charming ballparks, and some of the best baseball players showing their potential. From Matt Moore and Cal Ripken, Jr. to Michael Jordan and Jose Canseco, Mark McCarter has seen them all-and tells their stories with grace, humor, and style in Never a Bad Game: Fifty Years of the Southern League.

The Ultimate Sports Lingo Library Baseball and football have their own lingo and jargon, developed over decades and millions of games. Now, you can own two bestselling volumes that delve into the language of these two great sports: The Baseball Thesaurus and The Football Thesaurus. Buy the combo for $14.97 plus shipping.

The Complete Guide to Spring Training 2019 / Arizona and The Complete Guide to Spring Training 2019 / Florida We’re clearing out space to make room for the 2020 editions of our popular spring-training guides due out in August, but if you’re in a hurry to begin your planning, take advantage of this 50% off sale.

You don’t need a coupon to take advantage of these prices: just head to the August Publications website and order up a book or three. These prices are available only at the August Publications website, and only for a limited time: through Sunday, July 14.

You can check out every title on sale here.

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