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Joliet Slammers Complete Ballpark Upgrades

Joliet Slammers

The Joliet Slammers (independent; Frontier League) have made several upgrades to Joliet Route 66 Stadium for the 2019 season, their first covered by a lease extension approved last year. 

The Slammers played the 2018 season at Joliet Route 66 Stadium under a one-year lease, and were able to secure plans for 2019 and beyond by agreeing to a five-year lease extension approved by city officials last September. This season marks the first year included in that lease, and it is coinciding with several ballpark upgrades.

Extended netting was part of those changes, along with new paint jobs to the ballpark’s gates and an upgraded and repaired passenger elevator. Additional upgrades were completed in other areas of the facility, including suite improvements, a new playground set, an adult fun zone complete with yard games, and restroom upgrades. More from The Herald-News:

“We’re working on a five-year lease, which is really good for us,” said Ken Miller, the team’s director of community relations. “It’s been wonderful. So now we’re gradually working to improve some things inside the stadium and make it a better place for people to enjoy themselves.”

The restrooms on the concourse level were upgraded. The countertops in the women’s restrooms have been removed and replaced with new sinks. Countertops in the men’s restrooms are scheduled to be replaced in 2020. Both the men’s and women’s restrooms also have new floors and a fresh paint job.

The organization also added a new playground set from Rainbow Play Systems of Illinois along the left field line. The playground has slides, tunnels, rock walls, a ship’s wheel and a tic-tac-toe board, among others for kids to play with. There also will be an Adult Fun Zone located near the third base bar that will include numerous yard games.

The team also made several improvements to the suites during the offseason, including carpet treatment, a new paint job and new furniture.

The upgrades for the 2019 season follow a significant change completed ahead of the 2018 season, when Joliet Route 66 Stadium received a new artificial turf playing field. The Slammers began their 2019 regular season with a win at home over the Windy City Thunderbolts on Thursday.

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