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Elizabethton to Vote on Joe O’Brien Field Upgrades

Elizabethton Twins

Later this week, the Elizabethton City Council will consider a proposal to upgrade Joe O’Brien Field and keep the Elizabethton Twins (Rookie; Appalachian League) in town. 

Over the last few years, Elizabethton, TN officials and the Minnesota Twins have discussed a potential renovation of Joe O’Brien Field, with a particular focus on upgrading player facilities. A renovation could be on the way, as the Elizabethton City Council is scheduled on Thursday to consider a new proposal for the ballpark.

Under the proposed agreement between the city and the Twins, the two parties would both commit funding for a $2.3 million project that would include a new clubhouse. Should the agreement ultimately be approved, the E-Twins would extend their stay at the ballpark for at least five years and there would be options to extend the deal beyond that period. More from WCYB:

“It’s been quite some time that we’ve needed to do something,” General Manager Mike Mains said. “The current (clubhouse and locker room) we have has been here over 40 years now.”

The deal would set aside $2.3 million dollars for renovations. $1.5 million would come from the city. The Twins would pay the remaining $800,000 during a ten-year period….

The planned renovations include a new clubhouse and locker room facility and new equipment. The stands would not be replaced.

“A lot of them come from major universities,” Mains said of his players. “They come in, and they come to a facility they’re not used to seeing.”

Joe O’Brien Field has been home to the E-Twins since 1974.

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