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Joe O’Brien Field Upgrade Talks Continue

Elizabethton Twins

Discussions over future upgrades to the Elizabethon Twins‘ (Rookie; Appalachian League) Joe O’Brien Field are back on, as Elizabethton officials and the Minnesota Twins met this week.

Elizabethton and the Minnesota Twins have been trying to plot the future of Joe O’Brien Field, focusing on potential upgrades. The renovations would consist of improvements to fan and player amenities, including upgrades to the clubhouses and seating. Funding has been an issue, however, as the Elizabethton City Council voted last month to re-designate $1.5 million that had been set aside for the project. In making the decision, city officials noted that the Twins had not made a financial commitment.

However, future upgrades to Joe O’Brien Field have not been completely ruled out, and members of the Twins organization visited the city this week. Further discussion over funding is expected to take place, and Elizabethton mayor Curt Alexander is stressing that a partnership involving the city and the team is needed in order for the upgrades to move forward. More from News 5:

Representatives from the Minnesota Twins and the architecture firm that the Major League Baseball franchise works with visited the city on Wednesday where they visited the team’s current clubhouse at other facilities at Joe O’Brien Field….

“In order to make it work, we’ve got to have both sides. You know the city can’t do it on its own and Minnesota won’t do it on their own. So it’s going to take both of us. And you know we’re willing to put skin in the game, and I think they are, too,” Elizabethton Mayor Curt Alexander told News 5.

Alexander says plans are for the city and the Twins to meet again within a few months to set a budget for the project.

Joe O’Brien Field has been home to the Elizabethton Twins since 1974. The team has an agreement to play at the ballpark for the 2018 season.

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