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New for 2018: St. Paul Raccoons

MPR Raccoon

With all of Twin Cities media covering raccoon antics or covering other media covering raccoon antics, this promotion was inevitable: the St. Paul Saints (independent; American Association) will play on June 26 as the St. Paul Raccoons.

We all saw the images of a plucky raccoon scaling the walls of a downtown St. Paul, finally making it to the top of the building after taking refuge on a window ledge. That monumental scaling of the office building was just blocks from CHS Field, home of the Saints; hence the promotion.

The first 1,500 fans in attendance will see the game through a different view, by receiving a special raccoon mask.  The party gets started with an Animal Farm style pre-game parade for the raccoon, featuring various wildlife creatures.  While the raccoon was set free into the wild on Wednesday, the Saints are preparing for her return by offering the key to CHS Field, noting her love of three-lettered buildings.  Should the raccoon ever return to the Saint Paul area, she will have free run of the Saints ballpark, to rummage through the trash, climb up the St. Paul Eye Clinic Batter’s Eye, or just hang out and relax.

In addition, Porknite, the Saints live ball pig who delivers baseballs to the umpire, will have company during the game as a raccoon will be his sidekick.  Fans are encouraged to utilize social media and send in their favorite moments and memories, of the one mammal that brought an entire nation together, to the Saints Twitter and Instagram accounts.  The most inspirational message will receive four tickets to a game in the Securian Club, the most elevated spot to watch a game at CHS Field.

The Saints will utilize their PowerUp Peak 12-foot high climbing wall in the HealthPartners PowerUp Play Zone as the kid who climbs to the top the quickest during the night will win the opportunity to be a bat/ball kid for a game.

Image of the #mprraccoon courtesy Minnesota Public Radio.

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