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Blue Crabs Upgrade Regency Furniture Stadium

Regency Furniture Stadium

Regency Furniture Stadium will feature several improvements in 2018, as the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs (independent; Atlantic League) have completed some ballpark upgrades.

When the season begins, Regency Furniture Stadium will have a variety of changes in place. The concourse has been resurfaced, while the ballpark’s suite level has been completely updated, and a new sound system has been installed. In another change that will affect the fan experience, the Blue Crabs have switched concessionaires, with Spectra taking the place of Centerplate.

One upgrade, new pads for padded seats in the ballpark, is expected to wrap up in the weeks after the season begins. However, the beginning of the 2018 season will still provide Blue Crabs general manager Courtney Knichel and the rest of the organization the opportunity to showcase some improvements around the ballpark. More from

A new concessionaire, Spectra, is taking over from Center Plate and is working on new menus for each stand.

“They’re really taking a unique and creative look at each stand, and they’re branding each stand,” Knichel said. “For instance, there’s going to be a barbecue stand, pizza, Sally’s Sweet Shop, things like that.”

The Legends Club party room got new carpet and paint during the offseason, and the team store also got the carpet treatment. Upstairs, the luxury suites have been completely refreshed.

“Our entire luxury suite level was renovated with all new flooring, counters, paint, appliances, TVs, furniture — the whole nine yards,” Knichel said. “We’ve had the same look in there for 10 seasons, so it was all freshened up for the 2018 season.”

Additional improvements have taken place leading up to the 2018 season, including upgrades to Regency Furniture Stadium’s drainage system. The Blue Crabs’ 2018 home opener is scheduled for Friday, April 27. The team has played at Regency Furniture Stadium since the ballpark opened in 2008.

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