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Huntington Park to Receive New Videoboard

Huntington Park videoboard

In advance of the 2018 season, the Columbus Clippers (Class AAA; International League) will install a new videoboard at Huntington Park

Once the season begins, Huntington Park will debut a brand new videoboard. The Clippers have confirmed that they are undertaking the project, which will involve the removal of the current video display and replacing it with the new system.

Installation of the new videoboard is set to be completed by Opening Day. More from The Columbus Dispatch:

Next week, the Clippers will borrow $1 million to buy a new video scoreboard.

“We thought we’d give the fans a new” experience, Clippers president and general manager Ken Schnacke said Tuesday.

Between now and the April 12 Clippers home opener, the old video scoreboard will be removed and the new one put in place. Both are similar in size, Schnacke said, but the new one will have more fan-friendly, high-definition features.

“We will be able to show highlights,” Schnacke said of the new screen, which is being built in South Dakota.

This project will unfold in advance of a big season for Huntington Park, which will host July’s Triple-A All-Star Game and then the Triple-A National Championship in September. The Clippers have played at the ballpark since its opening in 2009.

Image courtesy Columbus Clippers. 

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