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Firm Selected for LeLacheur Park Party Deck Design

Lowell Spinners

Planning for a new right-field party deck at LeLacheur Park is moving forward, as D’Agostino, Izzo and Quirk has been selected to design the space. 

Leading up to the 2018 season, several additions will take shape at the home of the Lowell Spinners (Short Season A; NY-Penn League). One of them is the construction of a new two-tier party deck, located down the right field line and designed to host group outings at the ballpark.

Designing the new deck at LeLacheur Park will be D’Agostino, Izzo and Quirk, or DAIQ, a firm whose prior experience includes the design of Fenway Park‘s Budweiser Right Field Roof Deck. This week, the City of Lowell announced that DAIQ had been awarded a $124,000 contract for the design of the LeLacheur Field deck. More from The Lowell Sun:

[Financial adviser Robert] Healy said city officials negotiated the design fee and both parties are reviewing terms of the contract before signing it. DAIQ submitted the lone bid for the design project, although dozens of other clients expressed interest but never made final proposals, according to Healy.

About $900,000 of the city’s initial enterprise park fund remains set aside for eventual construction of the right-field deck, Healy said. A new bidding process will need to take place to award the construction contract, although it is not yet clear how long the process will take.

David Heller, owner of the Lowell Spinners, said he believes the new structure will be a “transformational project” for the ballpark.

“This two-tiered concourse expansion will be a unique and fantastic opportunity for Merrimack Valley businesses, families and organizations to all get together and mix and mingle and enjoy a party during a Spinners game all summer long,” he said.

In addition to the new party, the slate of improvements at LeLacheur Park includes new LED field lighting and an upgraded playing surface. The ballpark originally opened in 1998, and won our 2017 Best of the Ballparks voting for the Short Season-A level.

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